Thursday’s Tip: Overcome the Blanket Blues!

Before and After Bedding Tip
Overcome the blanket blues! While staging one of our homes before market (a complimentary service we offer our clients!) we decided to spruce up the master bedroom with a brightly patterned bedspread, bed-skirt, throw pillows, and a few shams. The results can be seen in the photos. What was a plain-jane bedroom now shines with color and character! And with our high-definition photography, it captures a buyer’s eye.

  1. Make sure the bedding fits. As seen in the before photo, the comforter wasn’t large enough to cover the sheets, which exposed the mattress. Oops! Keep your sheets and bed-skirt from slipping with upholstery tacks or safety pins. If your bed includes sideboards and a foot-board, which make a bed-skirt impractical, you may want to use a larger quilt than your mattress, and tuck it under the mattress or box spring. 
  2. Shams are not a shame! Shams give your bed a completed look and assist in covering up your regular use pillows. Mix it up, shams don’t have to match, just coordinate!
  3. Double up for extra color and flexibility. Don’t want to commit to a colorful quilt? Go for a neutral color and use either a second quilt or throw at the base of the bed for an interchangeable look. Plus, you can sleep in between the two during the hot summers and save time making the bed.
  4. Throw pillows. The necessity of throw pillows is debated. Known to some (usually of male or bachelor persuasion) as “throw on the floor” pillows, even one or two can dress up a plain bedscape. Throw pillows allow you to change colors or styles over time. If nothing else, use one decorative throw pillow to cover the space between the two standard pillows. Draw colors from other elements in the room.

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