Staged to Sell

Staging for Sellers

These client makeovers prove why we are not your average agents! Our pre-market home preparation and expertise in staging and design can position your home to maximize your net sale proceeds by catching the eye of quality buyers who are looking for a home that is move-in ready.

Remember, 90% of buyers look at homes on the internet prior to buying. It is critical that your home makes a strong first impression online so that they will want to see it in person. Our staging and beautiful Hi-Def photography can do just that. As a seller, take advantage of our staging and design skills to assist you in leveraging your home’s potential to capture the quickest offer and the best terms!

Most agents do not offer staging services. Among the Realtors that do, they will use staging companies which charge the seller for their services. These rates can be quite costly, typically .5%-1.5% of the sales price. At Tina Marie Realty Group, our staging and design expertise are included at no additional charge in our marketing plan for each and every client!

Staging Before and After Photos

Aster Before and After CollagePrepared, Staged, and SOLD in 24 hours for FULL PRICE!

San Mateo Before and After CollageAfter only having owned their home for 2 years, the sellers needed to relocated. Since there was minimal equity, they hired us to implement our superior marketing strategies to capture the greatest return.
Prepared, Staged, and SOLD in 3 Days for $1,000 under asking!

Lodge Before and After CollageThe Sellers opted to have us refinish the existing cabinetry at minimal cost. We implemented our pre-listing home preparation package, staged it at NO CHARGE, and had our team photographer take amazing photos of the result!
We sold the home in 48 hours for $10,000 over existing comparable home sales. The Sellers were amazed not only in regards to the home’s transformation, but that we were able to negotiate and secure such a high sales price.

Park Before and After CollageThis home was previously listed with another agent for 94 days when the contract finally expired. The sellers were frustrated and couldn’t understand why their ¼ acre home with great location hadn’t sold. They found out about our great track record and signed us up. In just a few days we had their home ready for market. It SOLD IN 3 DAYS for FULL PRICE!

Daniella Before and After Collage
Previously listed with another agent for 40 days with no contract, just price reductions! The sellers asked what we might be able to do for them. We prepared and staged the home and implemented our marketing strategies. It was SOLD IN 9 DAYS!

Monte Before and After CollageAfter many years of being a rental, this home needed more than a little TLC!
Prepared, Staged, and SOLD in 5 days CASH OFFER!

Iris Before and After CollageThe sellers lived out of the country and thought it would be beneficial to list with their Property Management company. However, the home sat for 111 days with only 1 offer which was very low. Upon returning back to Arizona, they found their home in a deteriorated state. We were asked to take over the marketing. The results were amazing! The home SOLD IN JUST 17 Days!

Tower Before and After CollageAnother fantastic home sold that was transformed by our staging!