About Tina Marie and Doug Sloat

Their Beginnings

Tina_Child-e1402522208397-150x150Tina Marie grew up in Southern California and began her Real Estate career at the age of 15, assisting a brokerage with processing transactions. At the age of 18, she was the youngest person in California to receive her Real Estate License. Her first transaction in 1978 was a $440,000  all-cash sale of a home in the area of Hollywood Hills! Her love of real estate and marketing lead her to expand her skills, remodeling and interior design were a perfect fit. Her business savvy inspired her to not only assist clients with purchasing investment property, but to also personally invest in producing a passive income from rentals.

Doug_Child-e1402522123346-150x150Doug grew up in Illinois and made his trek to Phoenix, Arizona in 1979 to attend Arizona State University where he studied Construction Management. Not long after, he obtained his Arizona Real Estate License and focused on property management. The lure of building and design lead him to pursue his interests in construction and remodeling.

How They Came Together

DSC_3902bTheir love and passion for “everything home” eventually brought Doug and Tina Marie together in a work environment, and as they transformed homes, they came to realize they had transformed each other’s hearts! Doug asked for her hand in marriage and she “signed the contract”! They honeymooned in Belize, and returned to reside in the Southeast Valley area of Ocotillo.

As a team, their synergy is dynamic! They work diligently behind the scenes, spending hours on-site assisting sellers with pre-market home preparation, and are tenacious in finding their buyers the perfect home. When it comes to Real Estate, they will chart the course, navigate, and negotiate the way to your new destination. You’ll find their personal and professional service to be a quality experience.

What Tina Marie loves about Doug:
  • He’s the smartest man I’ve ever met
  • He cares about people
  • He “oozes” creativity and has the skills to make it happen
  • He’s so much stinkin’ fun!
What Doug loves about Tina Marie:
  • Love her high energy and thoroughness
  • She’s service-focused and has a graceful, accommodating nature
  • She loves to create
  • She’s fun to be around and besides, she’s a snappy dresser!




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