What is a personal touch… too much?

We all love to dream, add tasks to the “honey-do” list and figure out how to put a personal touch on our homes. Recently, Doug and I decided to renovate our floorplan by opening up the space and tearing out a few walls. While still in progress, the results are refreshing. So while trying to give our house a personal touch, is there ever a time when it becomes too much? One element of staging is removing personal items so that potential buyers can imagine themselves and their belongings in your home. While vacant homes do not sell as quickly as staged homes, too much personalization can also scare away potential buyers.

To illustrate, I have chosen two homes currently on the market. Both are too personal, but on differing extremes.

1. Cleanup the Clutter

Here is an example of a home that has not been updated, but personal items like magnets and clutter detract from a buyer’s experience. Even if the home is “clean,” removing kitchen accessories from the countertops and taking down personal decor from the walls is a good move. If this was our listing, we would assist the seller in making upgrades, such as updating the appliances, lighting, and blinds, a fresh coat of paint, updating the cabinetry, and finishing it all off with contemporary furniture and cute accessories. We could even assist the seller in removing the soffit and moving the vent above the cabinets. Since this is not my listing, I thought it would be fun to show the power of simply removing personal items. Photo 1 is the original, and Photo 2 is the same home with the personal items photoshopped out. Incredible! Photo 3 is an example of a home that we upgraded and staged, and photographed with a professional photographer. You can see the difference!

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2. Waterfront Paradise that Won’t Sell (Chandler, AZ) 

This home for sale in the Ocotillo area of Chandler has been on the market for over 8 months. This waterfront home is beautiful, with a resort-style pool and almost 3000 SqFt of immaculately maintained living space. Besides factors location and price, which are reasonable in this case, can you see why this home hasn’t sold?






Too much personalization in this case has caused potential buyers to spring for other homes in the neighborhood with similar floorplans and fewer Mummies! Here is an example of the same exact bathroom layout that we remodeled to reflect a more neutral taste. The difference can mean getting your home sold! Call us today to find out more about your “personalized” home assessment. 480-313-9455.




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