Laura’s Story

20140710_190701Congratulations, Laura and Sarah!

Another renter becomes a homeowner.

Love these gals! I (Tina Marie) met Laura at an open house recently. She wasn’t sure she wanted to purchase a home since she was a single mom and didn’t want the responsibility of maintaining a home. I suggested she consider a townhome or condo. Voila!

We found the perfect home for her, at the Bridges at Ocotillo, a spectacular waterfront gated condominium community. Laura’s unit has a waterfront view and her payment is essentially what she was paying at her apartment. Now she has the benefits of a tax deduction, buying down her loan monthly, building equity, and the security of controlling her future. Way to go, Laura! What a great example for her daughter, Sarah, who has the most delightful personality. Can you catch it in this picture?

Know anyone who is renting?

I can assist them in evaluating whether owning at this time is beneficial (in many cases it is!). With interest rates low and the reality that it is a buyer’s market at the moment, why not investigate your options? Call me, let’s have coffee and talk.

By the way, stay tuned, we are revamping her floors with beautiful porcelain wood plank and modifying her kitchen layout and installing granite! Another “make-over” to come!



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