Client Success: Laura’s Story

IMG_7144-3675246303-_SmallWith a courageous spirit of adventure, Laura packed up all her belongings and her precious daughter to leave the East Coast for the Southeast Valley of Phoenix. They landed in a luxury apartment complex in Chandler, however, having owned her own home previously, Laura couldn’t help but wonder if purchasing a home would be a better financial choice for her daughter’s future.

“I would go out periodically and just look around the neighborhood for open houses, not looking for a realtor to sign with, but just to have fun and see what my money would buy. The last one I went to was one of Tina’s open houses. After chatting with her about what I thought I was looking for, she suggested something no other Realtor did – a condo! I never thought of that! I could still own my own home without the high cost maintenance of a home and pool. Combined with her warm and reassuring personality, I felt like it would be the right fit for me and my daughter.”

Queen Creek-44Within a few weeks, we identified the perfect location and chose a luxury gated condo community that provided an open floor plan and amenities such as a community pool, workout facility, and clubhouse. And did I mention, it was on the water? Not only did condo living provide the quality of life she was looking for, but also the financial benefit of home ownership! Laura had previously rented her apartment in the same area for $1478/mo with only 1142 square feet of living space. Now her total expenses for mortgage, taxes, and HOA fees were now $1449/month for over 1,509 square feet! That’s a 32% increase in space for $30 less every month! She also now has the additional benefit of tax deductions and building equity monthly as she pays down her mortgage without even factoring in appreciation. It makes sense to buy rather than rent. Just like Laura’s scenario, you can increase your quality of living without necessarily increasing your monthly expenses. Plus, the long-term investment can be substantial.

Laura emphasized her reliance on our expertise. “I relied on Tina’s experience and knowledge, especially since I was new to the state. The negotiating process was seamless and smooth as Tina always kept on top of things and kept me well informed . She was very helpful in suggesting possible solutions when needed.” Laura was delighted to discover that the condo appraised for $10,000 more than the negotiated price! So she began to dream . . . how might she personalize her condo, and make it really feel like home? We designed a modification of her kitchen and assisted Laura in choosing finishes for different aspects of the remodel.

“They helped me update many areas of the home including the flooring, countertops, backsplash, lighting, and paint. I never would have been able to do any of this without them and I owe a debt of gratitude to Tina and her husband for their patience, dedication, trustworthiness, and caring for their clients! I have pretty high expectations, Tina and her team met them. She is definitely a hands-on kind a gal and my level of respect went way up when I stopped by my condo one day to find her there overseeing (and helping) the crew tear up the carpets. I knew that with me not being at the condo all the time, it was all in good hands! She has the right amount of kindness and feistiness to get the job done right!”

IMG_7137-3675240441-O_SMALLLaura now has a beautifully updated contemporary style condo with porcelain plank flooring, granite countertops, a glass tile backsplash, updated lighting and the one requirement she had all along… a view of the beautiful desert sunsets behind the mountains. So our story ends with Laura and Sara putting down roots here in the desert and beginning to explore all that this beautiful place has to offer. We are reminded of the German poet and philosopher Friedrich Schiller, who said, “Who dares nothing, need hope for nothing.” Here’s to all the adventurous souls out there and the places of their abode!

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