Beautiful Thanksgiving Placesettings

Thanksgiving is upon us! Have you thought about getting festive in the dining room? Tina Marie's experience in Real Estate as well as Interior Design has us thinking about more than just closing the deal. Here are some unique place setting ideas for your upcoming feast. Even just adding a touch of something new can make a bold statement. Click the images to see more. 1. Silver Frills  The use of coordinating textures (metallic) with a patterned ribbon to contrast is really cute. We also … [Read more...]

Tina’s Tips: Bedding

Overcome the blanket blues! While staging one of our homes before market (a complimentary service we offer our clients!) we decided to spruce up the master bedroom with a brightly patterned bedspread, bedskirt, throw pillows, and a few shams. The results can be seen in the photos below. What was a plain-jane bedroom now shines with color and character! And with our high-definition photography, it captures a buyer’s eye. Before After 1. Make sure the bedding fits. As seen in the before … [Read more...]

Does your carpet and tile need cleaning? Call Kip!

Are you considering selling your home? Or planning to have company for the holidays? Then it’s time to get those carpets cleaned and your tile grout spruced up! We recommend one of our team members, Kip, from Next Level Cleaners. Kip is an expert at removing tough carpet stains. He recently removed a large, dark purple dye spot from a bedroom carpet! Currently, Kip is running a special for cleaning tile and carpet in your home (2,000 sq. ft. or less) for only $297. Give him a call at … [Read more...]

How to Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster

[Read more...]

RENTING vs. BUYING… Why Buying Generally Wins

Most people are not aware that the statistics regarding net worth are greatly skewed in favor of those who own homes. Here is a great article that explains in simple terms why those who own homes are building a greater “nest egg” than those who don’t. Click the above image to learn more. … [Read more...]

Phoenix Ranks #8 Nationally for Housing Affordability

When looking at the salary you need to afford a monthly house payment, Phoenix ranked #8 nationally, according to a report released this month by HSH; the world’s leading publisher of mortgage and consumer loan information. There’s no better time to purchase a home! With rates at their lowest in a year and the housing supply above what it was last year, call us now to assist you in finding your dream home! Call Tina Marie at 480-313-9455. … [Read more...]

The Truth about Online Home Searches

Are you dating Trulia, Zillow, and other sites? BEWARE, THEY’RE HEARTBREAKERS! House hunters are not aware that many major real estate sites display outdated and inaccurate information. As a Realtor, it is heartbreaking to get a call from clients who have found the "perfect" home on Zillow, only to find out it has been under contract long before they even started their home search! Home sellers also rely on home value estimates on these sites, which can be miles apart from the actual market … [Read more...]

Tina’s Tips: Bookshelves

Arrange by Color “Are your books organized by color?!” It was the response of surprised visitors who came by my previous office in Tempe, AZ. Yes! Organizing by color is one of my favorite strategies when dealing with cluttered bookshelves. Remove Book Jackets In addition, you will be delighted to discover that your old, tattered books gain new life when liberated from their paper covers to reveal beautiful bindings that boast embossed metallic lettering. No Bookends? No Problem! When … [Read more...]

10 Real Estate Photos… Gone Wrong!

Are Wedding Photos Different than Your Home? "You may now kiss the bride." The crowd claps, the music begins, as well as your life together! You remember your wedding day vividly, but cringe inwardly as you look on your photos. You wish you could have hired a different photographer, but it's too late now. At Tina Marie Realty Group, our philosophy about selling your home is like a wedding. We are dealing with a life-altering, sentimental transaction. And it may or may not cost more than your … [Read more...]

Improving Your Credit Score

Wanting to improve your credit score? The first place to begin is by reviewing your credit to verify that there are not items remaining on your credit that should have been resolved as well as items belonging to other people! With the economic downturn of a few years ago, we are finding that it is not uncommon to find you have a credit item that actually doesn’t belong to you. You can receive 1 free credit report per year from each of the following … [Read more...]